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Write to spark . . . motivation

March 17, 2017

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  I’ve heard  and made various forms of this excuse for too long myself.  It’s high time to make time for “that”. I’d like to spark motivation.  For over two months now,  I have been eating clean and gluten-free.  I am finally not blown up like a balloon with a constant feeling of blah!  With just a bit of planning and willpower, show yourself that you’re worth making the time to eat better and to feel better.

I am not talking about a “diet” or at least not the misused version of the word.  Since I am not temporarily changing my eating habits to promote a particular outcome before returning to previous eating habits, I have adopted a lifestyle change.  My goal is to promote long-term weight control and health with the latter being of the utmost importance.  A diet focuses on food intake while my lifestyle change incorporates physical activity as well as the quality of the food.  My holistic lifestyle change has positively touched almost every aspect of my daily life. After doing much research on the topic, I now believe that I lost my gal bladder a couple of years due to consumption of gluten.  I had to make a change in order to feel better. Although this change is fairly new for me (almost three months), it is without a doubt my new way of life that I have no desire to change.  It has become a fun hobby for me to find tasty treats that are actually good for us.

Please check back for clean and gluten-free recipes that have made it to my family’s weekly menu.  I look forward to sharing ideas with you.  Feel free to leave a recipe for me by either leaving a comment or sending an e-mail to