Just my thoughts . . .

March 15, 2017

Just a few thoughts swirling around trying to get out . . . 

I want to write to make a difference somehow.  In my mind, I see writing to raise awareness for specific issues such as nets to prevent Malaria, rice to prevent hunger, and spare change saved up to ensure an education for a girl that I may never know.  Perhaps a few clean and gluten-free recipes or tips will find their way to the blog as well.  

I want to write posts to help students of all ages to develop their writing and reading skills.  Although I write on a daily basis with my students, I am not really doing anything with it.  After completing my Master’s in Writing and English, I dropped the pen and stopped the fierce pounding of the keys. This blog is a way to change that.  

So, welcome to the world in my mind.  I hope to get to know my visitors and fellow bloggers in order to learn how they intend to use my thoughts and tips.  I want to know if the spark turns into a flame or at least if it’s enough of a spark to help someone else light their own torch in order to keep on passing it along.