Mrs. Wright

Making the Most Out of Our Time Together!

I don’t exactly know how many weeks or days are left of this school year.  I prefer not to count.  Yes, I would like a break, but I will miss these kids so much.  I will worry about some of them.  Will they get enough food?  Will there be someone to listen to them?  Some will have a blast with their families and I am so happy for them.  Some do not seem to have good families and they will probably be lonely or maybe even mistreated.  In my mind’s eye, I envision specific students, faces, names, problems, concerns and red flags.  I pray that they remember what I have placed before them.  Yes, I want them to remember and to use the reading and language skills taught, but I also hope that they remember the life skills such as how to treat one another and how to handle stressful situations.  I aim to make the most out of the rest of our time together.  May we laugh, learn and live these last days to the fullest!